Where can I Buy Genuine Windows 7 Ulitmate Product Key?

"I’ve purchased what I thought was a legit copy of Win 7 Ultimate half year ago, because it said they ‘re a partner company of Microsoft and 100% legit, however, today I found my Windows 7 Ultimate NOT ACTIVATED, just accept the bad luck! Can anyone suggest where to purchase a genuine one?"


If you are on the lookout for the business capabilities of Windows Professional and the entertainment features of Windows Premium, then you can easily proceed with Windows 7 Ultimate. This extremely powerful and versatile version of Windows 7 can run a plethora of Windows XP productivity programs which further adds up to its lucrativeness. So, you must be confused by where to purchase a genuine Windows 7 Ultimate product key, don’t worry. As you might not know that most sites selling illegal product keys will be blocked, Microsoft does not sell product keys. Windows 7 is in limited stock since Microsoft ended sales in October 2013. This article will show 4 legit place to buy Windows 7 Ultimate product key which can be used to effectively activate your Windows 7 Ultimate system.


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#1: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from Bestbuy

Bestbuy site - This leading provider of tech solutions, products and services has never failed to delight its users with unbeatable price and expert service. You can find online software for your games, video, audio, antivirus, educational software, operating systems, digital image editing, web development as well as programing needs in Best Buy. With more than 3 million products available under its umbrella, Best Buy has evolved into a hotspot for tech geeks around the globe.


Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from Bestbuy


If you are on the lookout for the Windows 7 Ultimate product key at a reasonable rate, then you need to come visit www.bestbuy.com. Once you have decided upon the product key you wish to purchase, you can gain further insights on the same by clicking on the Specifications tab.


#2: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 64/32 Bit from eBay

eBay - This world-famous retailer has turned into an online Moghul over its past 20 years of service. You can purchase the Windows 7 Ultimate 32/64 bit license key from this international e-commerce portal which offers free standard shipping on a large range of merchandises. For this, you will have to log into the official website of eBay and type in ‘Windows 7 Ultimate Key 32/ 64 Bit Activation Key Microsoft - Original 7 Ultimate’ in its search engine. You will be provided with various options and you need to choose your desired product from that list to know more about it in depth.


Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 64/32 Bit from eBay


You can gain further insight on shipping information like estimated delivery date by clicking on the ‘See Details’ hyperlink. Once you have been through the shipping details, you can proceed with its purchase by clicking on ‘Buy it Now.’ Now you will have to fill in all the necessary details and confirm the payment mode before proceeding with the purchase.


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#3: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 64/32 Bit from Amazon

You can purchase Windows 7 Ultimate product key and simplify your everyday tasks with a little help of the world’s numero uno e-commerce store. Amazon stands out from its peers with its fast delivery, affordable product range and extensive collection in every possible category imaginable. For this you will first have to logon to www.amazon.com and search for the Windows 7 Ultimate product key. You will be presented with various options in this step and you need to pick your desired product key from the given list. While selecting the seller of your choice, it becomes necessary to check out their profile as well as reviews left by other customers. Once you have decided upon the seller, you will just have to click on the ‘Buy Now’ option and type in your shipping as well as payment details before proceeding with the purchase.


Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 64/32 Bit from Amazon


#4: Buy Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from OEM Keys

Original Equipment Manufacture or OEM keys serve as another tried and tested means of getting your Windows 7 Ultimate. If your machine comes pre-installed with Windows 7, then chances are high that you received a 25-digit OEM product key. You can avail this key to reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate in a clean state and devoid of all spyware and bloatware which are often packed in by manufacturers.


OEM Keys


You can also purchase the same from various online portals like MSDN, TechNet and Newegg by just typing in your requirements. Since OEM is the official vendor of Microsoft Windows Product Keys, you can be completely guaranteed about its authenticity. Once you make the payment and receive the OEM keys, you can activate your OS within just a few minutes’ time. The current price for OEM Windows 7 Ultimate at Newegg is ranging from $101 to $150 and there are no technical limitations to stop you from using OEM software on your own computer.



Windows 7 falls under the Windows NT operating system family and it’s a lot similar to Windows Vista. It however has a completely different graphical layout which ensures a super smooth operation. This article has given 4 ways to purchase genuine Window 7 Ultimate product key, but you still need to be alert to find trustable ones. 





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