Recover Your Excel Open Password with Only 3 Steps

  • Step 1: Download

    Free download and install Excel Password Recovery on a computer which has your locked Excel file in.

  • Step 2: Add File and Configurate

    Add Excel file and select a suitable attack type, then complete the necessary settings.

  • Step 3: Recover Excel Password

    Start to beginning the searching process and it will display the password once it found.

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Easily Recover Excel Password No Matter How Strong the Algorithm Is


PassCue Excel password recovery tool is a most trusted software which provides multiple options to recover lost or forgotten Excel open password without touching original internal database. Whatever the algorithm applied to your locked Excel file, AES-256 or hash algorithm, Passcue for Excel still is capable of recovering lost Excel password and gives users permission to access to their Excel, fast decryption available depending on the custom algorithm and GPU configuration. It supports all Excel file versions including office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017.

3 Customizable Attack Types To Ensure 92% Success Rate

PassCue for Excel offers 3 flexible and Customizable Attack Types to ensure the high success rate of password recovery.

Dictionary Attack

Dictionary Attack

A typical dictionary for this attack would contain the most used passwords, you can write all possible passwords in a notepad and import to program, the program will check which one is the correct password.

Mask Attack

Mask Attack

If you can remember any part of your password like password length, capital and small letter, number, prefix,suffix and others. This option could discover your password within a very small range.

Brute-Force Attack

Brute-Force Attack

In theory, brute force attack will search the password, however, it could take very long to try all possible combinations. Usually people starts with the mask attack and if it fails he moves to the brute force attack.

Remove Worksheet/Workbook Password Instantly

Microsoft Excel gives you a chance to set a password to protect your worksheet, workbook from unauthorized changes, such as editing cells, adding, deleting, or renaming sheets. If you forgot the sheet/book password then you will also be locked out of it and can’t make any changes. PassCue Excel password recovery can be able to instantly remove worksheet/workbook protection without wiping original data, easy and fast!

Remove Worksheet/Workbook

Multi-thread and GPU Aacceleration

graphics card is not just a matter of providing gaming acceleration, GPU’s parallel processing power also be able to work in password recovery. Even a low-end NVIDIA GPU can recover Excel password about 20 to 40 times faster than a CPU alone. Passcue Excel password recovery can achieve the highest performance by using computing power of CPU and GPU. In other words, recovering a 8-length password will take only hours.


GPU Aacceleration

More Features

Pause/ Resume

Pause/ Resume

Support Pause/ Resume: You can click to 'Pause' button to pause the searching and resume later.

Customizable Settings

Auto-save Every 5 Min

Automatically save the password recovery project every 5 minutes,

ID3 Tags Editor

Shutdown Computer

The program can shutdown computer automatically once the password is found.

16X Aacceleration

16X Aacceleration

Support multi-core CPUs and GPU etc to accelerate password recovery speed up to 16X.

Screenshots of Excel Password Recovery

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add Excel file
sart to recover lost password on Excel
remove worksheet password on Excel

Customer Reviews

Raz Milton 1  2  3  4  5

"It perfectly recovered my 2007 Excel file sheet without damaging any content or data in my project. I am really amazed how smoothly it worked and I will be definitely recommending it to all the people who deal with protected excel sheets daily. Thumbs up!. "

Terrance Jones 1  2  3  4  5

"I was skeptical at first because none of the online recovery tools worked for me at all. I didn’t have any hope with this tool either but man I was wrong. It was able reset my sheet password in first attempt which was magnificent. I am really glad it worked out for me. Nice job!!"

-Neha Patil 1  2  3  4  5

"First I would like to thank to the support team who helped me throughout the process. Very kind people and took the time to explain how the tool works. Finally, I was able to recover my school project password which was very important for me. I couldn’t thank you guys enough. Highly recommended!."

Milan Vies 1  2  3  4  5

"Hats off to the devs for creating such a complex program with such an easy interface. Literally took 3 clicks to recover the password. Very easy and very elegant program. Definitely one of the best one I have seen so far. Also the price is very affordable unlike other services that charges a lot but doesn’t work.."


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PassCue for Excel

The most popular and powerful Excel password recovery tool:
- Three recovery modes makes it possible to recover your forgotten Excel password within minutes or hours. Let you find password in in a flexible and customizable way.

- Instantly remove worksheet, workbook password without touching original data,easy and fast!