Recover Lost Open Password on PDF with 3 Customizable Attacks

If you forgot PDF open password and has no any clue of your password information, then there are no short-cuts to get back your PDF password, but you can have to rely on some professional PDF password recovery program which has the ability to crack your PDF password without corrupting your original data. PassCue for PDF is one of such products that has near-90% success rate in unlocking your PDF open password. It provides three password cracking modes: Dictionary , mask and Brute Force. Each options are based on different technical approaches.

word password recovery
Dictionary Attack
This option will make use of word lists in a dictionary as a password  when trying to guess passwords. You’re allowed to import your own dictionary file.
Mask Attack
If you know a part of password or or have any specific details about it, like password length, range, capital and small letter, number or prefix. Then it will be fast to break your PDF password.
Brute Force Attack
Brute force attacks is a trial-and-error method to crack PDF password, this will may take long time as it has to run through every possible combination of characters.
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Instantly Remove PDF Onwer Password

If a PDF is password protected by Owner password or permission password, then you will not be able to copy, modify, edit or print the PDF content. PassCue for PDF has the ability to instantly remove the protection from PDF without touching the internal data.





Support CPU and GPU Acceleration

PassCue for PDF has added the new GPU acceleration algorithm which can significantly increase the speed of password recovery. If your computer has a NVIDIA card, then It will increase the searching speed for 30 times. In other words, it will take only short time to find your 6 length password.





Word password recovery GPU

Other Unique Function in PassCue PDF Password Recovery

Intuitive Interface

Continue Last Search

You can stop the current password search and save it, when you open it next time, it will ask if you want to continue last search.

Capture videos/Audio

Batch Remove

This program allows you to batch remove owner password from PDF files.

Flexible Screen Size

CPU Selection

You’re allowed to select which CPU to participate in the password recovery. This will free some CPU resources to run other program.

Shortcuts Options


The program gives you a option to automatically shutdown your PC once the password is found, and the password will be saved in installation folder.

How PassCue is Different from Other PDF Password Recovery?



One time purchase, lifetime free software and technical support. Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions.



Passcue for PDF also provides two password recovery options: recover open password and remove owner password, while other program only provides one.


High Speed

PassCue for PDF can systematically checks around 100, 000 times per second without GPU. If has a GPU acceleration, the speed of recovery will be scaled up 10 times.

Screenshots of PDF Password Recovery

install Passcue PDF password recovery
recover PDF password
remove pdf password
remove restrict edit

Customer Reviews

Pinky 1  2  3  4  5

"Thanks to PassCue team, you saved me! I forgot my PDF owner password and I can’t make any changes like editing, modifying and printing. Finally, I found PassCue for PDF app and it helped me remove the protection with one click. I find this quite incredible! . "

Robert Jr 1  2  3  4  5

"PassCue password recovery tool is simply amazing. It recovered my lost 8 length passwords with only 2 hours. I heartily thank its developers for providing such an efficient and useful tool for password recovery. It’s working very simple and quickly."

Wendly 1  2  3  4  5

"Juggling with multiple PDF files makes it difficult for me to remember their individual passwords. This is why I bank on PassCue for removing the password of PDF documents whenever needed with a single click. Highly recommend!"

Tracy Dutta 1  2  3  4  5

"Marvelous PDF password recovery tool. Compared to all the annoying processes of purchasing any product online, this site provided a very easier procedure to purchase it. Besides the tool is also awesome and does exactly what is advertised. Keep it up. I will recommend it to everyone”