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The information, articles and reviews on androidpit.com are for information only and for the private use of the user. These may only be used for private purposes. The user is not authorized to download the information outside of the designated download options on a computer and/or disk. The systematic and repeated downloading of small amounts of information is also considered the same as the downloading of a large amount of information. Printed information can only be used for private reasons and only in a reasonable quantity. Information may only be disclosed to a limited extent and only to individuals for private purposes. The use of any information for business purposes, especially the commercial use, is forbidden. The user must ensure that the information used for private purposes is not used by an unauthorized third party. PassCue strives to provide a a technically smooth and trouble-free operation of PassCue.com. PassCue reserves the rights to resolve technical problems within a period of time defined solely and freely by PassCue. It's possible that the PassCue.com is not reachable at this moment of time.

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Forum and blog entries are published in real time. Proofreading the user contributions before publication is therefore not done. The author is solely responsible for the content of individual posts. PassCue is immediately aware of infringements and will delete these. PassCue's legal liability for personal damages according to the product liability law is not affected. The above-mentioned liability limitations also apply to breaches of contract on the part of PassCue's legal representative or agent.


PassCueis legally protected by law and nobody can use our trademark to do illegal things unless you want to use it with the prior written permission. If you break the rule of us, it means your behavior will constitute unfair competition and trademark infringement in violation of law, so we have rights to investigate for your legal responsibility according to law.


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