Sales FAQs of PassCue

Faq 1: 1.What's the difference between trial version and the registered version?

All functions in trial version and registered version are the same. But there are some function limitations in each product. For example, the trail version of PassCue for Windows can let you burn a reset disk, and detect all users in your system,but you can’t reset password. With the trail version, you can better understand how it works, and confirm if it works before you purchase. If the software can found your users registered in your system, it means it can reset your password.


Faq 2. Is it safe to make an order from Passcue?

All of your data on PassCue will be guaranteed by us. And we cooperate with Digital River, Avangate, PayPal, etc. to receive your payment. So your personal information will get the highest protection.


Faq 3. How could I confirm if I complete the order successfully?

If you complete the payment and type all necessary info, then you will receive an email within 1 or 3 minutes containing your order ID, license key and others.


Faq 4. Can I cancel the order?

If you’ve installed the program on your computer and registered it, for such case, we won’t refund it because it violates our refund policy.


Faq 5. What kinds of payment can I use?

You are supported to purchase product by payment methods of Avangate, Digital, PayPal through Visa/Euro/MasterCard card, Discover, American Express, JCB, etc.


Faq 6. If I bought the wrong product by mistake, can I exchange it?

If you purchased the wrong product by mistake, you should contact support team to to change your wrong order into the correct one. However, you need to pay the difference if the correct one is expensive than the wrong one. Otherwise, we will refund you price difference.