Top 4 Windows 10 (Pro/ Enterprise) Product Key Generator Free Download

A product key generator (also known as keygen) is a program that is used to create distinct product keys for other software or operating systems. Now you must have come across the word "product key" many times and you must have seen it as a bunch of numbers that are obviously impossible to remember. It usually comes with software programs like adobe products or operating systems like windows, but what is the significance of product key?


A product key is a software-based key for a particular computer program. Used to prove that the copy of this program is the original version. In order to activate the software you usually enter the key. It is a method to protect the copyright of the software. Therefore it is ensured that the customer is paying for that software product.


What's the Difference between Windows Key Activation and Software Activation ?

Windows Key Activation:

Activation with a key has a formal activation term called "MAK" activation, which is one of two bulk activation methods for authorized customers. The principle is very simple: The key will be verified by the Microsoft activation server then activate the system. As long as the "MAK" key has the remaining number of activations, then it will be 100% success. However, the activation success rate is very low, because once an activation code is released, a group of people will activate continuously, so the usage will be used up quickly.


Software Activation:

There are many ways to activate the software, such as KMS activation, which is one of the two batch activation methods authorized by Microsoft. Large customers perform phased activation (period of 180 days) through a "KMS" server authorized by Microsoft. It all depends on the "opening" and efficient operation of the "KMS" server.


If your key is purchased through regular channels, congratulations, your system is a genuine system. But if your key comes from an informal channel, it is a pirate system like software activation. Relatively speaking, the key activation is better, but other activation methods can also be used normally, as long as the system can run normally, do not care which activation method it is.


1) KMSpico 10.0.4 Activator (Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise)

KMS Activator is an activation tool that can activate multiple versions of Windows and Office without networking. After use, there is no residue on the system and can be deleted directly without additional installation of NET 4.0 framework. Support automatic renewal of multiple versions of Win7, 8, 10, Server2008, Office 201O/2013. Office/Win can be activated with one click, but it needs to be activated again after 180 days of activation. You can install the automatic renewal function if you don't want to do it.


KMS Activator

2) Crack Files

Crack files provide multiple product keys according to the different versions of the software. It provides the option "Windows 10 activation keys for all versions" on its official website. After clicking on that option you will see a detailed description of the windows 10 activation keys for all windows 10 editions.


Windows 10 Loader/Activator by Daz


3) Product Keys

Windows 10 product key generator is an great offline tool to activate your Windows 10 version including windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Home and other editions. it works better than other Windows 10 key generator like Windows 10 Loader software. Once you enter your activation key, your Windows 10 will be renewed.


Product Keys


4) Ten forums:

Ten forums provide a clean and organized interface with various generic keys for the various versions of the windows. They are helpful in case you don’t have your product key but you immediately want to activate your windows. They provide a table with all the listed keys. You can use them for the activation temporarily. Windows will surely get activated with these generic keys. It is the same as activating windows with valid product keys. A nicely organized table is provided which will make it easy for you to find your key for the respective version of the windows installed in your system.


What If You Lost the Product key?

But now a situation arises that the product key can be lost easily. When windows are updated or re-installed, the system may ask for the product key again to activate the original windows that you have purchased. In such a situation, though you may be an authentic buyer until and unless you enter your product key, the windows will not be activated. You can buy the original product key again but they are very expensive. Thus, in this case, you can make use of a product key generator which will create unique product keys for your windows. It will not necessarily find your product key but the windows will accept the key generated by them.


Windows OEM Product Key Tool:

Windows OEM Product Key Tool has less size and is really fast hence more powerful. Finding a product key for the specific version of windows installed in your system is a tiresome work. It helps you generate product key for your respective windows in a few seconds. It has some of the product keys listed on the official website but in case they do not work for your version of windows you can download the product key generator which will generate the unique product key.


Windows 10 Loader/Activator by Daz


Steps to use the Software :

1. Go to the official website of the Windows OEM Product Key Tool. By tapping on the link:

2. You will see the option "Download".

3. Disable the antivirus or windows defender.

4. Download the software and extract the WinRAR file after downloading is completed.

5. Now launch the activator and it will shows your windows product key.






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