Best Rufus Alternatives for Mac

Rufus is typically useful for formatting or creating USB installation media from bootable ISO. It can create bootable drives from Windows 7 or later versions, Linux, UEFI, and so on. The tool also works for flashing BIOS and DOS based firmware. The tool is alarmingly fast, efficient and comes free of cost. In a nutshell, it can create and store a copy of your software or OS ISO installer should you need them anytime anywhere for future use.


Now shifting the discussion to a totally different course, what if you don't have a Windows system currently in your hand? What if you are in a dire need of creating bootable USB to start any locked-out machine whose password might have been lost? Such situations may arise. Since Rufus stands out compatible only for Windows OS, you certainly need rufus for Mac computer to create virtual drives with mountable disk images on mac OS.


Is there Rufus alternatives for mac download?

Definitely yes, and we will explain them one by one as you continue reading down the article.


Top #1: WonderISO for Mac

WonderISO is a standalone option to create, edit, copy disc, burn, extract ISO files on both Windows and mac OS, which is the best alternative to rufus on Mac. Though the tool is not completely unlike Rufus, but it does provide a fair number of operational options even with the free trial version. For opting better, advanced settings, you need to purchase the pro version. The range of OS it supports are namely, Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10/ Server 2003/ 2008/ 2012/ 2016, mac OS 10.15.4. The program works fine with the traditional MBR boot and newly available UEFI boot based computers. So you see, whether the application is running slow with conventional MBR system, or super speedy UEFI based computers, the output success rate is 100%.


Let's see how it works:


Step 1. Download and install WonderISO on your Mac computer, then launch it. You will see the main interface like blow.


wonderiso for mac


Step 2. Click "Burn" button to enter the burning Window. Here you need to insert your USB or DVD to computer and it will appear on the list of the program. And import your ISO file by clicking the "Browse" button.


burn ISO to USB on mac


Step 3. When all the settings are complete, just click "Burn" button to start making a bootable USB/DVD device. It will take sometimes based on your device writing speed.


Top #2: Deepin Boot Maker

The second alternative to Rufus on Mac should be Deepin Boot Maker too. With around 4,844 downloads till date, the utility is a real-life saviour to create bootable USB flash drives for Windows ISO file on a Mac computer. You can troubleshoot, perform diagnostics, re-install your Windows' OS anytime, without the need of creating rescue disk and burning OS onto a CD/DVD like early 1990s. The tool is completely free, and GPL3 licensed. The latest stable version V5.0.1 has been launched on 30th July, 2019. This one also doesn't need any installation criterion like the previous tool aforementioned. Just download the ZIP folder, extract .exe files, and double click the setup file particularly and it is launched.


Deepin Boot Maker

Top #3: DiskMaker X

Formerly known as Lion DiskMaker, it is an Applescript application which works only on mac OS machines. It is used to create bootable drives with mac OS installer that you can easily download from Apple app store. It is very easier to create mac OS bootable drive with this tool in few clicks. It automatically tracks down your installer once it is downloader using spotlight. The tool is not open source, so you have to purchase the Pro version to earn all the benefits. It requires minimum of macOS 10.10 or later versions or Catalina apps to run. The file format that it supports is not ISO, but DMG. that means it is the DMG file format of mac OS installer that gets burnt onto a flash drive, you can also consider it as an alternative to Rufus for Mac computer.


DiskMaker X


Top #4: Rosa Image Writer

It is a bit tricky tool to use for mac, actually ROSA Image Writer is a program for writing ROSA installation images to disk. ROSA installation disk images are specifically built for ROSA desktops. The disk images are hybrid. It is totally an amalgamation of ISO headers, partition table with boot record which are implemented for hard drives and flash thumb drives--- so it is a total hybrid mess up. Now, if you wish to use it for other file formats, you have to download its particular binary builds for particular OS, like Windows, macOS, Linux. You will get the links online on any software distribution sites or on the official website of ROSA Image Writer. Unfortunately, the program needs administrative privileges to run. It will automatically reboot itself with elevated privilege requests. So, it may serve as an alternative to Rufus, yet it is complicated for toddlers.


Rosa Image Writer


Make sure you choose the right rufus alternative for mac OS. The article here has given you all necessary details for you to choose wisely. Avoid dreading complications with tools like ROSA Image writer where you have to download binary builds source codes for Mac OS, in case you find it confusing. Take experts advice, or else things may get messed up. If you want to create a Windows bootable USB on a Mac computer then WonderISO will be your best choice.





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