Refund Policy

The customer's ultimate satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of PassCue company inc. We work hard to provide our customers with an enjoyable experience for both our software and service. If there is anything you feel unsatisfied with, please do tell us. This will help us know what we should do to help you as well as how we should improve. 


How to Submit a Refund Request

If you want to cancel the order after the purchase, please send us at with following messages.

1) Product Name

2) Your Order ID/Reference Number/Transaction ID

3) The Email Address That You Used to Make the Purchase

4) The Reason Why You Would Like a Refund



Unaccepted Circumstances.

We generally do not refund or exchange products in these circumstances:

1. For password recovery, You purchased it and you said you remember your password in other ways, then you want to get refund.

2. We seriously emphasize that we can't guarantee 100% recover your iTunes password, the program will take long time (hours, days or weeks) if the password is more than 6 length, based on the password complex and length. We also state that on our program.

3. For password recovery, You purchased it and you said you reset your password in other ways, then you want to get refund.

4. You purchased the so-called "wrong" product, and you purchased the "right" product from other company.

5. You changed your mind after placing an order.

6. You refused to follow our methods to solve the problem.

7. You requested for a refund for technical issues, but never provided any assistance to our support team with any detailed description of the problem.

8. Refund for part of a bundle.

9. You failed to receive the registration code for the product, and didn't try to contact us for asking new code. Or change your mind to use other's product before we sending code to you.

10. You refuse to cooperate with PassCue support team to troubleshoot the problem and apply the solutions provided.

11. A refund request due to misunderstanding or lack of understanding of the products functions and capabilities because you failed to read the product description carefully before purchasing.



Accepted Circumstances

1. You purchased a wrong product, and then purchased the right product from PassCue. We can refund you for the wrong product. But if the two products are irrelevant, we do not approve the refund.

2. You've been double charged due to the system problem of the third party payment platform.

3. The product has fatal technical problems, and our technical support team failed to provide a fix or work-around within one month.

4. You do not receive registration code within 48 hours after purchase and haven’t received a timely response (within 48 hours) from the Passcue support team after contacting the support center. In this case, Passcue may cancel the order and offer a refund if you request.