How to Crack or Break MS Excel Password 2016/2013/2010/2007

"I recently had the circumstance where a client sent me a copy of a spreadsheet that was password protected, however the client no longer had the password to unlock the content. They were wondering if there was anything we could do…" -- Our client


Well. Ms Excel file has been always playing an important role in our daily work, most of us are more inclined  to manage any kind of data using Excel document and also like to put a password on our excel file to protect our sensitive data from unauthorized accessing, editing, copying or modifying. According to Microsoft’s rules, if you forgot or lose your Excel open password, then There currently is no effective way to access your encrypted Excel files without entering correct password. However, there are ways online and offline tools that can help you crack your Excel password without corrupting your original data, even if your password is too long or complex. Continue reading!



Method #1: Crack Excel File Password with Knowing Password

It’s necessary for you to clearly understand the difference of each password in Excel. For Excel Open Password. It’s a document open permission which will prevent an Excel workbook from opening unless you type the correct password. So, if you already know the open password then it’s easy to remove the protection. Here we will take Excel 2016 edition as an example to explain how it works. Other old edition may be a slightly different but also easy to crack. This method also allows you to remove workbook password on Excel easily.


Step 1. Open your Ms Excel 2016, Click File -> Save As. Then, click More Options… to display the Save As dialog box.


crack excel password


Step 2. In the poping-up "Save As" dialog box, you need to click Tools -> General Options…


save a new file


Step 3.Now you need to enter your correct password that you know in the General Options dialog box, then you will be asked to type again.


enter your password


Step 4. Finally, click Save in the Save As window, then you will find that Open password has been removed..




1) Exposing your important files to online platforms makes the file contents more vulnerable to exploitation by various scamming groups and hackers.

2) Intermittent internet connectivity might interrupt the smooth password recovery process.

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Method #2: Crack Excel Password 2016/2013/2010 without Knowing Password

We all know MS Excel will undoubtedly refuse you to access an encrypted Excel workbook if you can’t provide correct password. If you are a patient person and the Excel files is extremely important to you then you can opt for a third party tools, if you want a fast results, then Passcue for Excel should be your first choice because it’s a more sophisticated Excel password cracker program. The beautiful graphical user interfaces endues user with a stress-free user experience and the unique decipherment algorithm makes it possible to search original Excel open password  in a fairly short time. Like other tools, PassCue for Excel also applies there smart attack (dictionary attack, brute force attack and mask attack) to help you user crack every kind of Excel password related to alphabetic, alpha-numeric and symbolic without damaging your original Excel data. After undergoing several upgrades, Passcue for Excel program now fully support all version of excel file from 2003 to 2016.


It is worth mentioning that CPU and GPU acceleration makes the searching speed increased almost 10 times then before. When your computer already has a separate GPU like GTX 1050, 1080, the you will found the searching speed will read a hundred thousand times per sec. Really very powerful! You can download this Excel password cracker software to have a try!


Part 1: Recover Open Password


Step 1. Download this tool first to the computer containing the password protected excel file. Install the tool with standard installation procedure. Open it and you should see there are two functions in it, if you want to crack your open password in Excel then select the first option and next.


install Excel password cracker


Step 2. Now turn your gaze to the toolbar in the tool’s UI and you will see the option “Add File” button. Click on it to load the target excel file.


add locked Excel file


Step 3. As you can see there are there attack types including dictionary attack, brute force attack and mask attack. Choose any one of the attack types and click the Setting button to provide the additional password information beneath their category to make the recovery process more faster.


select an attack type


Dictionary attack: This method specially checks all the strings in a pre-arranged listing from customizable or created dictionary file, it should be a notepad.

Brute force attack: This method will aim at trying all possible combinations in the password space. This will take a long time if you didn’t provide any part of your password info.

Mask attack:  Mask attack is an advance option that can flexibly and specific to crack your Excel file password, if you remember any part of password like length, numeric/alphabetical/ alphabetical and any kind of special password, then it will find out your password  in a short period of time.


Step 4. After settling all the necessary parameter click finally on “Start” button next to “Open” button and the recovery process will begin instantly.


start to recover Excel password


You can check the recovery progress in the progress indicator below the screen. Once the password was found, it will shows in a poping-up dialog and you can coy it and use it bread your Excel files.


found excel password



Part 2: Crack Excel Workbook/Worsheet Protection


As we mentioned before that Microsoft introduces three different encryption type: open password, modify password and worksheet/workbook password. If you forgot sheet password then you won’t be allowed to edit, change or copy your cells. But don’t worry! PassCue for Excel also gives you a function to remove this protection with one click.


Step 1. Like part 1, install the program and run it, then choose the option 2: Remove owner password from Excel, then click Add button to import all of your locked Excel file.


install Excel password cracker


Step 2. After the Excel files are imported successfully, you need to specify a location to save the Excel files, you can leave it as a default location or set a new folder. Then click Start button. The process is very fast and you can check the new files now.



Due to countless drawbacks in so many password cracking tools, PassCue Excel Password Cracker tool has been designed to overcome all those downfalls. It is fully capable to not only break Excel open password but also remove Excel worksheet/Workbook protection instantly.

Read all the methods attentively, but when it comes to implementing them, stick to any one of them. For a better and quicker result, choose PassCue Excel Password Recovery tool. Once the password comes to your possession, note it down on a notebook or a notepad to avoid any such further trouble.






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