Frequently Asked Questions of PassCue for Windows

Faq 1: Why It Says: "Register Failed"

1) Check your email and license key, make sure they’re correct! Copy the license key with dash.

2) For Windows 10, if it fails to register program, to fix it, just right click the program icon and run it as admin, then register again.


Faq 2. CD, DVD or USB drive not found when burning?

When you try to insert your CD, DVD or USB drive to computer and program won’t detect them, don’t worry. You can manually  format your USB/DVD/CD by Windows then try again. If the problem still exists, we suggest you change a new one.


Faq 3. Says invalid partition table when booting from USB ?

This is professional issue but seldom appear, It may be because of the system software and motherboard compatibility. But our Pro Version could solve it completely. Please contact our team to get the PRO version.


Faq 4. Boots up then no windows detected

For this issue, please contact us to get PRO version to fix it.


Faq 5. Purchased and registered, but why it still asks to purchase?

This because your computer doesn’t accept the registration and failed to write registry. It’s easy to fix. Just uninstall the program and install it again, register it again then burn again.. and reset your password without poping up purchase window.